Our Weight Loss Programs are directed by a DOCTOR: therefore we are able to address and treat most all other medical issues that may be affecting your weight problems.  This is not something that a commercial weight loss program is able to provide.  They will only be able to provide diet and exercise instruction.  Many weight issues are caused or exacerbated as a result of other medical problems.  Without addressing these issues, it may be impossible to lose weight, regardless of how much you watch your diet and exercise. 

*Cost for medical treatment and management of health problems are not included in the weight loss program fees.  

*Cost of dietary supplements, foods, diet injections, hormones, medicines, additional labs are not included in the weight loss program fees.


COMPREHENSIVE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM                                                                        

We highly recommend our patients follow this program so that we are able to evaluate your overall health to determine any medical issues that may be the underlying cause of your weight problems.  These problems can include, but are not limited to: thyroid, PCOS, hormone balance, diabetes, lipid inbalance and much more.  If you have any underlying issues, it will be impossible to lose weight.
Please allow 1 1/2 hours for initial appointment.  The initial visit will be with our doctors and includes:

  • Physical Exam and Evaluation of overall health
  • Blood Work*: Cholesterol, VLDL, LDL, Triglycerides, HDL, HbA1c, TSH and (for women) LH & FSH and
    (for men) Testosterone.  
  • Body Analysis  Composition, Metabolism, Body Measurements and Photos
  • Nutrition Evaluation and  Recommendations
  • Dietary Instruction and Logs
  • Customized Plan with Goals
  • One month supply of customized vitamins and supplements designed specifically for weight loss
  • Prescription weight loss medication and management if indicated for the first 2 months
  • 6 Consecutive "Check-In" Week Appointments  (Additional week packages are available: see below)
  • 6 Week Assessment and Evaluation with the doctor
  • *Does not include medical managment of health problems.  These will be referred to one of our doctors that specializes in Family Care Medicine

Comprehensive Program Fee   $565


Initial Visit REQUIRED for ANY Prescription Weight Loss Program whether you are transferring from another doctor and are already on a weight loss medication.

Initial Visit: 

  • Physical Exam and Evaluation of overall health
  • Blood Work*:  TSH, (women: Pregnancy test: NO EXCEPTIONS), HbA1c (diabetes), Renal Function Panel,
    and Liver Function Panel.
  • Quarterly Medical Visits Required for Refills
  • Semi and/or Annual Labs Required for Medication Management Programs (Semi Annual or Annual Labs are based on the medication the patient is on) as well as any current medical conditions and other current medications involved.

Initial Presciption Medical Managment Office Visit Fee:   $250


All patients on prescription weight loss are required to have a follow up check up once a quarter (every 3
months) in order to continue their prescrition.  This is to ensure that the patient is responding properly

to the treatment and that there are no side effects or new medical issues.

Quarterly Prescription Weight Loss Office Visit Fee:   $125


All patients on prescription weight loss are required to have a follow up blood work labs every six months or annually (based on which weight loss medication they are on) to ensure that the medications are not negatively affecting your body.  

Labs: TSH, Pregnancy (for women), HbA1c, Renal Function Panel, Liver Function Panel     $115


This apointment is to discuss which program would be best for your weight loss needs.
If you chose to procede with either of our programs below at the time of your consultation, the consultation fee will be credited toward the program selected.

General Weight Consultation Fee  $150

 Package of 6 Weekly Check In Appointments

This is a set of appointments to allow those on the Comprehensive Weight Loss Program to continue their weekly accountablilty and continued follow up with the doctor to help ensure their success.

 Includes:  6 Consecutive weeks of "Check In" Appointments and a consultation and evaluation with the doctor on the 6th week.

6 Week Package Fee:   $125

Vitamins and Supplements

We have a full line of supplements to assist in staying healthy and losing weight